Keep Going

Project: Wellness App "Keep Going”
Methods: User Interviews, Moscow matrix, Prototyping, Person development, Affinity mapping, User testing & Agile Process
Tools: Sketch, Affinity Designer & Invision
Role: UX Designer, Visual Designer & Interaction Designer

Challenge: Many peole find it difficult to do diet and excersice, because there are many reasons that prevent them from keeping motivated. This includes the constant research of how and when to do it since there are too many choices and the lack of time to see immediate results.

As the first step, I checked the options there were already in the market, in other words, the competitors. Then, I focused my research on finding the reasons for which people lose motivation while doing exercise or going through a diet.

I got survey results from 28 people and conducted interviews with 6 other people.

User Research

The results that I got showed that the main motivation for our potential users is to lose weight and feel better about themselves. They are mainly frustrated since they fail to see immediate results and they end up quitting in about a month.

Affinity Diagram

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April Valley

With this, I proceeded to define the user persona that captures the motivations and pain points I found in my research. The current journey of this user is: she wants to lose weight and has the motivation to do it; she starts a regime of diet and exercise, maybe with the help of an app, but after a couple of weeks she loses motivation and quits the process. What I want to do is to prevent the loss of motivation, maybe by a well-timed reminder about what the final goal is and how close the user is to it.

User Journey


April is a 35 years old woman from Amsterdam who ​needs a way to​ stay motivated to follow her exercises because ​she wants to be fit for the coming summer season.


We believe​ that the regular and constant reminder of what the main motivation is ​for​ people like April​ will achieve​ the success of their goal. We will know we are​ right ​when​ April loses 5 kilos before summer.



Our user’s goals are to lose weight, have better eating/exercise habits, and start leading a healthier life. Her main problem is that she generally loses her motivation along the way, so she wants to keep motivated.


Our solution should offer the user a plan of eating and training that will help her reach her goal.


It should also make sure that she stays motivated, maybe by sending notifications to her phone. Messages such as: texts, images, videos.


Finally, why haven’t our user found a solution to her problem yet? Other apps don’t offer long term plans. Most of these apps fail to remind you of your initial goal from an emotional point of view.

With all this I proceeded to elaborate the mind map and the moscow diagram, which showed me what were the essential features my app should have: it should offer a meal plan and exercise plan based on the user’s goal, it should be able to keep track of the activities performed by the user, and more importantly, it should help the user stay motivated by sending notifications at the right time.

Mind Map


User Flow

Low Fi Prototype

Next, and using all I mentioned before, I defined the following user flow. The idea is that, at a key moment, the user will receive a notification reminding her of her goal, and encouraging her to do some physical activity. When the user finishes the activity, she will receive an encouraging message and she will be able to see the progress made so far.

I tested these flows with real users on the street.


Since the main goal of this new app is to keep users motivated when they are doing diet and training, this moodboard was curated with pictures, colors and shapes that better represent this feeling: motivation.

Hi Fi Prototype

Finally the low-fi shines by jumping into a better version of itself: the hi-fi prototype. I created it by following what I previously defined in the user flow.

I believe this app has the potential to keep people motivated in order to help them reach their training and dieting goals, which will in turn address what the data show are the main pain points.

Of course, testing goes next, but testing and prototyping is a never ending process.
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