Andrea Mairone

I’m a UX/UI Designer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands who believes in generating a positive impact on society to make a difference in our daily lives and bring innovation to people.

Andrea Mairone


AM design

Graphic & Service Design

My role here was to always be in close contact with the world of trends, art and design.

My responsabilities, the digital enhancement of stock images for several large home & living brands in combination with the right communication, follow up of projects with business clients from all around Europe with a tightly organised production processes. In addition to this, I was aldo involved in the administration sector and the logistics service.

Vierw freelance work

UX UI - Mobile App

Design a service to help teachers in delivering online education.

Due to the pandemic, teachers in the world are required to deliver online education abruptly, especially in the vulnerable communities where people have limited internet access and experience in virtual education space, teachers are struggling to adapt to this new reality.

Vierw project

UX UI - B2C Website

The main challenges were about communication and organization with their clients.

Aromar is a scent service company whose primary business consists in installing and maintaining scent diffusers for their clients. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Córdoba, Argentina. It currently has more than a thousand clients.

Vierw project

UX UI - Mobile App

Add a feature to "set automatic parking”.

The idea of this project was to analyze an already existing and highly adopted app to incorporate a new feature into the existing product. The feature to be developed should be based on an area of functionality that had yet to be explored and tested with user input.

Vierw project

UX UI - Mobile App

Staying motivated in diet and training.

Many peole find it difficult to do diet and excersice, because there are many reasons that prevent them from keeping motivated. This includes the constant research of how and when to do it since there are too many choices and the lack of time to see immediate results.

Vierw project


“ I had the pleasure to work with Andrea in one of our projects at the Digital Society School, where we investigated the needs of the teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrea co-led the development of the final prototype, which was a hub for supporting teachers' wellbeing and teaching practice. Andrea is a fantastic designer, who integrated the needs of the users in her work and prepared a visually attractive and accessible solution. “

Dimitrios Vlachopoulos
Dimitrios Vlachopoulos
Educational Technology at Amsterdam University

“ I coached Andrea and facilitated her team’s work during the traineeship at Digital Society School. It was a pleasure to work with Andrea. Her positive attitude, critical thinking skills and “out-of-the-box” approach were definitely a unique added value to the team’s work. Andrea has an eye for detail and is a fantastic UX/UI designer who puts a lot of commitment to her work. “

Asia Trzeciak
Asia Trzeciak
Coach, researcher at Digital Society School

“ Andrea and I worked closely together as a part of a multi-disciplinary team on a 5-month project at the Digital Society School. Andrea’s background in graphic design combined with the UX/UI skills and eagerness for self-development creates a unique skill stack that any team would benefit from. I truly enjoyed working with Andrea and would like to thank her for sharing the good vibes and positive energy throughout the whole time of the project. “

Victoria Romanova
Victoria Romanova
UX designer at Komesky


~ Skills ~
  •  Visual Communication
    ⚝  Design Thinking Process
    ⚝  Information Architecture
     Interaction Design
  • ⚝  Proactive
    ⚝  Innovative
    ⚝  Team Player
    ⚝  Brave
  • ⚝  User Research
    ⚝  User Testing
    ⚝  Wireframing
    ⚝  Prototyping
~ Tools ~
~ Professional News ~
  • Global Goal Jam
    Provided by the Digital Society School van Amsterdam 2020

    Webflow Tutorial
    Provided by Udemy academy - Online self education 2020

    Invision Tutorial
    Provided by Udemy academy - Online self education 2019

    UX/UI Bootcamp
    Traineeship provided by Ironhack - Remote learning program 2019

    Volunteer Job as a Graphic Designer at Cito Dartli - Ijburg, Amsterdam 2016