“I believe in generating positive impact on society to make a difference in our daily lives and bring innovation to people.”

My story >

My name is Andrea. I was born in Argentina but my family comes from Italy, therefore I have both citizenships.

Since I was a kid I have always be told I was very creative. I love to draw, and after high school I was leaning towards a career in fine arts. However, since I also had an interest in digital art, I ended up going for a degree in Graphic Design.

My goal >

I started traveling around the world by the age of 26. I lived in 5 different countries and visited more than I can remember. The experiences and memories I made along this journey shaped the way I behave and see the world now. My goal is to generate positive impacts on society to make a difference in our daily lives and bring innovation to people. So, I believe that the UX/UI can help me to achieve this goal.

My Values

Stay humble - Be crative - Keep learning

My Journey >

Traveling and designing are my two great passions. The world and all its various shades of colors always inspire me to continue creating and discovering myself. However, a while ago I began to feel an urgent need to achieve something deeper with my designs and in my work as a designer, crossing new barriers and reaching new horizons. This fueled my curiosity to see how to feel alive again. This is how I found out UX / UI Design on one of my last trips. I decided to embark on this new adventure. A design that is constantly alive, giving immediate feedback. A personal interaction that expands borders.

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