Project: Company Aromar "Scheduling Tool”
Methods: Market research, Interviews, User flow, User Journey, Wireframes, Moodboard, Competitive Analysis, Affinity Mapping, User Paper Prototype, Prototyping, User testing & Agile Process
Tools: Sticky Notes, Miro, Sketch, Affinity Designer, Invision Studio
Role: UX Research, UI Designer & Interaction Designer

Challenge: Aromar is a scent service company whose primary business consists in installing and maintaining scent diffusers for their clients. The main challenges were about communication and organization with their clients.

User Research

I started my research by conducting a series of interviews and surveys. In total I interviewed 5 people, 2 actual clients of Aromar and 3 potential ones. I also gathered 37 results from my survey.


have hired a similar service in the past.


would prefer to have an easier and more direct way of communicating their needs to the service provider, maybe through an app or website.


consider such a service is VERY important.


The main motivators are around prestige: having a well-scented business shows a good social status and makes the brand identity stronger.


The main frustrations revolve around communication: rescheduling an appointment, requesting new products for the next visit, or choosing a unique aroma for the business.

User Persona

She’s a business owner that cares a lot about the brand identity and the status of her company. She needs to have her scent needs sorted out by an external company, with expertise in the subject. At the same time, she would like to spend a minimal amount of time organizing and scheduling appointments with this company, so that she can focus on her own business instead.


"I wish I could show status and offer quality without the worries of having to organize it"

Elegant - Smart - Open Minded

35 yo




business administration


Carola needs a way to improve her communication with Aromar because she wants to save time to focus on her office tasks and not worry about the appointments with the scent company.

We believe that a simple scheduling tool will improve the communication and quality of the service for people like Carola to achieve the success of their goal. We will know we are right when Carola in the nexts 3 months increases her number of clients by 5%.


Since Aromar already has a website that is known by their clients, I decided to incorporate this tool as part of it.

Based on Carola’s needs I proposed to develop a scheduling tool: a portal where the client can receive and check all the information about the upcoming and past appointments with the scent service, as well as communicate their needs and concerns in a simple, intuitive and organized manner.


Site Map User Flow

Visual Analysis Comparison

In this first step I focused on two potential competitors and their way of presenting the website: GIG servicios de aromatización and Aromaco.


This is the moodboard I prepared for this project. With the data obtained in the research step I chose these images for inspiration, which guided the design of my solution.

Design System

Design System: sketch time begins!!!

All the possible elements I needed to build this website.

Hi-fi Prototype

The proposal of this prototype is that the user arrives first to the landing page of Aromar. Next, the user can login by filling up her personal information, ID account and password. Then she presses the login button. The next page is the personal landing page: the client portal. From here the user can do several things like checking her agenda, account, technical support. In this flow the user will change some details for her next appointment.

Last but not least, as an example of microinteraction, I decided to show the calendar.


To conclude, I’d like to mention the learnings I had while working on this project:

There is a need to remove friction in communication between companies like Aromar and their clients, and this tool has the potential to do that.

This is a win-win situation: the company can grow faster, and the clients can focus on their own businesses instead.

Next Steps

In this prototype I focused on the agenda, but there is a lot more that can be developed: the account information and technical support sections, and the product store and catalog in the menu section.

Also, and even though this tool was designed specifically for this client, I feel that there is a lot of potential in expanding this tool and making it customisable for any company that could make use of it.

Of course, testing goes next, but testing and prototyping is a never ending process.
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